2014 Submissions

An improv Miscellaneous Song
Bitsong - Overworld Video Game Loop
Alleviation Miscellaneous Song
The Burning Tempest Of My Figh Miscellaneous Loop
First snow Miscellaneous Loop
Dreamwalker Miscellaneous Loop
METL GEER Video Game Song
Contemplative adventuring Classical Song
Price of Freedom cover remix t Classical Song
Elegance of the swift blade Classical Loop
Last shot at redemption Miscellaneous Song
Espionage action Miscellaneous Loop
Summer's on it's way. Classical Song
Resting before the battle Miscellaneous Song
I wonder what's in there. Miscellaneous Loop
Devotion, Encounter (WIP) Miscellaneous Loop
Through the woods Classical Loop
Of the time that's been Classical Song

2012 Submissions

Freedom of the seas Miscellaneous Song
Harmonican symphony Country Loop
There is still hope, Piano Miscellaneous Song
There is still hope orchestral Miscellaneous Song